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GSi, Nissan NX2000, Paseo, and MX-3

By Home Mechanix Magazine, April 1992

Controls And Comfort
Front headroom is adequate in all these coupes, provided you aren't much over 6ft. tall.  Inside informable gauges and supportive seats help seperate these sporty cars from more basic transport.  Only the Geo Storm GSi includes oil-pressure and voltmeter, however.  The Storm also comes with a driver side air bag.  We liked the Storms precise climate controls and spacious glove box.  Less impressive was its non adjustable steering wheel and nonremovable head restraints. The Mazda MX-3 and the Geo Storm are the roomiest in back, as the numbers for interior volume suggest.  We found the Geo's rear bench tops in comfort; The gently contoured seat gave just enough side support without being confining.

On The Road

We rate the Geo Storm GSi, Nissan NX2000, and Mazda MX-3 first, second and third in the handling department.  On the track, we got all three of the nose-heavy cars to hang their tails out just enough for fast, balanced cornering by trailing off the gas and braking smoothly before turns.  The Geo responded quickest of these cars.  It also has the fastest steering at just two and a half turns, compared to two and three-quarters turns for the other cars.

Power To Go And Stop

All of these sports coupes come with twin-camshaft, multivalve engines that rev high and respond readily to the throttle.  At 140 hp, the Geo Storm GSi and Nissan NX2000 engines are the most potent;  the Nissan's redline is way up there at 8,000 rpm.  All four of these coupes made safe, sure stops.

Which One Is For You

Though entry-level versions of the Geo, Mazda and Nissan come with less-powerful engines, even those cars are willing performers.  For all out fun we recommend the Geo Storm GSi's combination of sheer horsepower and sports-car handling.

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Last modified: October 26 2007

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