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9004 Replacement Ion Blue Headlight Bulbs

Joe Farrell Asked A Question In The Mazda Mailing List About These Ion Blue Replacement Headlight Bulbs. Here Are A Few Responses:
January 19, 1998

From: Val C. Valenzuela

I've seen them, but they look like a fad that will phase out. Does not look totally blue when looking at the headlights.


January 19, 1998

From: Julian A F Bradbury

The things coloured blue favoured by Honda Civic Coke-Can cars? They're a waste of $ and decrease output.

Try the following bulbs, which we have in the UK, Osram & others do them
- "Rain/Fog" coated bulbs - No experience of them.
- Higher-pressure ?Xenon? mixed Halogen bulbs - About 20-30% more light
(Same wattage, more light, do work - I compared left/right dipped and then right:left dipped).

Or better, if the US cars etc have the infamous US DOT lights which are about as much use as a candle stuck on the dashboard, get Euro spec.

If you ever upgrade wattage, run new wires direct from the battery (gaining you about 2V anyway re voltage drop) and switch via relay.

January 19, 1998

From: Jeff Aycan

Well, here's my knowledge on this topic if any one cares.
I currently have Blue Ion foglights on my 1995 MX-3 and haven't had any problems with them. About 2 weeks ago I purchased a set of Blue Ion Replacement Headlight Bulbs, for my car for $15.99 each. Installed them right away. I had passed many local regional cops during the day and night without any problems, they didn't stop me or anything.
Then Just this past Saturday night at 6:00pm, I was driving on the highway, not speeding, not driving like a maniac, and a Provincial Police Officer, pulled me over and asked me,
"How did your headlights get blue?"
What a stupid question? Don't you think. Anyways, she said that they were illegal, and I had 15 days to respond to one of the three choices on the back of the $105 CDN. ticket. You know the routine. Keep in mind that I live in the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don't know if that helps me in this situation or hurts me.
I think that the reason that the lights are illegal is that they are distracting to some people when they are driving, not the fact that they are a higher wattage than most bulbs. For example on the Mazda MX-3 the factory bulbs are rated at 65 watts/45 watts (hi-beam/low-beam, the daytime running lights are just a dimmed low-beam). The replacement Blue Ion Bulbs, which by the way I personally purchased from a certified Mazda Dealer here in Toronto, are rated at 100 watts/80 watts, same explanation as above.
From a far, they look like a light blue/aqua colour, and as you get closer they switch to a white light whith sort of a rainbow effect around them. The bulb size is 9004 for MX-3's. Anymore questions or comments, or if you have anymore information about them, I would love to hear it, just contact me at the below address. Oh by the way I put the original bulbs back in and still kept my blue Ion Foglights on since I didn't have any problems with them. I don't feel like getting anymore $105 tickets. But I have to admit, the Blue Ion Bulbs do look amazing at night though. Oh well maybe someday the little guy will win and they will become legal.
Also if anyone has any info on the bulbs that are being used in the new models of BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus, I would love some info since they look kind of similar to the bulbs that I got nailed for.
Sorry it's so long, but I figured more than just Joe would be interested in hearing my response.

January 19, 1998

From: Luc St-Pierre

I joined the blue headlight squad a few months ago. Tried 55/60W replacement, looks very cool but the light output seems to have dropped a bit but you should see the effect on the snow...
I have a set of 80/100W lying around. I'll check if the daytime running light controller is strong enough to modulate them and probably try them out.

January 21, 1998

From: Steve

I have the blue lights and I love'em. I think they show that yes the car is different then any other stock car.
Thats why I spent thousands of dollars making my car different. So I don't feel bad spending 19 bucks for new funkie lights.

January 22, 1998


Note that some hucksters have begun selling halogen bulbs dipped in blue paint of one description or another, describing them as being "just like the xenon lamps in Mercedes". Nothing could be further from the truth. These hand-dipped bulbs are not approved by any regulatory agency anywhere in the world and decrease the performance of your headlamps. Wa gner, Sylvania, Osram and Philips are pursuing legal action against the marketers of these phony-blue bulbs, not only because some of them have been using those company's trade names illegally, but also because these reputable companies understandably wish to distance themselves from this kind of Beavis-and-Butthead cheeseball product. I spoke to product line managers and lamp engineers at each of these companies, and they all were horrified at the concept of these bulbs. You're well advised to STAY AWAY. Philips is marketing a line of dichroic-blue coated bulbs in Europe.

April 18, 1998

Trevor North LOVES his ion blue bulbs. He says they look very similar to those found in Mercedes and Lincolns.

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Last modified: October 26 2007

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