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The Meaning Of "Kansei"

Kansei Engineering - (Pronounced Can-Say)

KANSEI Is A Japanese Word Which, Roughly Translated, Means: "To Feel Just Right." All Mazda Vehicles Are Manufactured With This Goal In Mind.

"What is most important, one cannot see with the eye"

To understand what makes Mazda cars and trucks remarkable begins with an understanding of how they are designed.

The value of "balance" in all areas of one's life is a belief espoused by eastern religions and cultures for centuries: the cognitive vs. the intuitive, the technical (insensitive) vs. the human (sensitive).

Following that logic, and Japanese cultural heritage, Mazda acknowledges the importance of fine technology and distinctive design on the one hand, and belief in the importance of "that which is invisible to the eye" on the other hand.

Mazda designs vehicles that fit the feelings of the driver. This is what happens when engineers get together with kinesiologists and psychologists to design a car. We go beyond pure engineering, beyond computer readouts and mechanical specifications into reality.

Mazda calls it "Kansei Engineering" and the goal realized by this process is cars and trucks that are deeply satisfying to own and drive. Cars and trucks that can be driven intuitively by everyone, yet provide their own special rewards for the skilled drive.

"Kansei Engineering" has become an integral part of the development of each new generation of Mazda cars and trucks.

It begins with basic research, learning as much as we can about the five senses, about human perceptions and reactions, skills and emotions. All to give us a deeper understanding of the factors that make a vehicle comfortable, satisfying and easy to operate.

Once you are behind the wheel of a Mazda you can feel the passion that only Mazda, through Kansei Engineering can bring to a car.

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Mazda: Get In. Be Moved.

Mazda Global Site


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Last modified: October 25 2007

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