HOW-TO: Change Color of everything in the Instument Cluster

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HOW-TO: Change Color of everything in the Instument Cluster

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start off by removing the gauge cluster from the car. after that, take each bulb out of their socket and remove the stupid green sleeve covering the bulb and replace the bulb where it came from.

gauges: please see my thread on changing the color of the HVAC panel as the process should be the same. ... 906#377906

clock: over the stock clock, there is a green plastic filter. once you remove it you can replace it with a flat rectangular piece of plastic of whatever color you want. i super glued mine to the edges of the black plastic housing above the clock display screen.

cruise and rear defog buttons: again remove the green sleeve off each bulb. now, you just need to put a colored filter over the bulb.

AC button: ARGH!! the entire housing is made of green plastic and then painted black and the letters “A/C” in white. so, you cannot change the color unless you mold a whole new button.

indicator lenses: these were fun. :) the stock indicators are colored simply by a green disc that has an arrow embossed on it. there’s an easy and a hard way of doing this.
easy: take a round plastic disc of whatever color you want and glue it in place of where the old ones came out. make sure it is the same thickness or the cluster wont fit together properly. downside is that you will no longer have the nice flush oem look.

hard: you need to mold 2 new lenses from the existing ones. the way i did it was i grabbed a second gauge cluster and cut out the hole where the lens sits and glued a flat piece of plastic to the exposed side (the side you will see) of the hole to cover it. you now have a mold for the lenses (they are both the same so you only need 1 mold). you can see from the final pic where I cut out the old indicator hole.

*** make sure the plastic you use is clear or translucent***

now keep the mold in the freezer or on ice while you melt the plastic to ensure that it will harden the plastic quickly and reduce the chances of melting the mold. once the plastic is melted, place the freezing cold mold on an ice cube or likewise to keep it from melting and pour the melted plastic into the mold and press it down with something to make sure it fills evenly. after a short period of time you should be able to pop it out and make the second one.

lastly you need to sand the molded lens until it is the same diameter and thickness as the oem one and color it whatever color you want.
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