Mazda Mx-3 Owners in Eastern Canada.
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Post by Cy »

Sticky me please

Hellllllo.. Let's get this Forum rolling..I'll start as I did ask for this forum..

My name's Chris, people call me Cy.. I live in Saint John,NB.

-I've been restoring a 1995 MX-3 RS with the DOHC 1.6L.. Picked it up for $700 and began repairs..currently i've owned it for a 1-1/2 years without driving it and recently finished a complete rebuild of the suspension -from the wheels to the struts..

-You can checkout the pics I've assembled and commented on, on my Cardomain Page
-I also upload all of my pictures,photoshops,etc. to my personal gallery including MANY more shots of the car in stages of progress.
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Post by mx3optidrive »

I am Jeff, from NS
have a '95 MX-3 RS
Just completed a 5spd G-series tranny swap
Been working on the car for about 6 yrs and haven't driven it in the last 2 because of the rebuild and a wedding and marriage
you can check out pics on my cardomain page which is my homepage

Building a t3/t4 turboed BP for the car then getting all the rest of the bodywork finished and basically it will be all finished for a while.
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Post by MrMX3 »

Most of ya from the maritimes know me already, but for the formality of it...... :p

Mike from NB
93 GS
Way too many mods for me to list, check out my cardomain site if ya want 'em.
Goal for this year is to take the thing out after speedsport, and put 'er away after SCN. Maybe a COMPLETE summer ;)

Anyways, here she is.

1993 MX-3 GS
2.5l KL-ZE
My Cardomain Page
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Post by BoOdOg »


my name is Carter and I am from Cape Breton :)

only pic i have at work
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Post by mx3stylez »

hey, i'm Travis, from Halifax. I'm currently building my '96 mx-3. It's got a kl-ze, and i'm putting forged 8.5 comp wisco pistons, pauter rods, and toga bearings in it. for the fuel, i've got 550 nissan injectors and a walbro 255hp fuel pump. for ignition, i'm using a msd 6a, and a blaster 2 coil, and i've got the gm hei module to do the mod, thank god!! to run it all, my magasquirt is in shipping. and to top it off, the turbo kit offered by Pakfeifer tuning. can't wait to get the car all back together. theres all kinds of other new goodies, but the rest will be a surprise
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Post by BSinnest »

Hey, I'm Brian from sussex, new brunswick. I drive a 95 gs just stock 1.8 for now. Working on getting a newer motor put in and a paint job around summer time. That will be all that i can do for awhile.

If someone is coming down from halifax in the next few weeks from now that has room for a motor. Let me know please.
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Post by Mason »

Hello my names Linden also live in Cape Breton.

I just recently picked up a 95 mx-3 RS nice little car.
All that is done so far is clear corners and black altezza tails no pics yet but ill get some soon.
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Post by Kirk95gs »

Hey i'm Kris from annapolis valley, Nova Scotia
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Post by MoRf »

hi my names devon, im from moncton NB, but i currently live in summerside PE, i think im the only one on here that live on PEI lol
i drive a 93 gs
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Re: Introductions

Post by Coadt »

My name is Shaun, I just bought a 96 MX3. Its all stock and in need of some serious work which I just started. Got to drive it once just to get it home. I live just outside of Fredericton.
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Re: Introductions

Post by dbs »

nevin from fredericton
just got 94 mx3 gs will be starting a build log in the new year (gotta gather parts)
going for spl
great website
so far
2 ia 20.1
2 kinetic hc2400
2 runs of 0 gauge
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Re: Introductions

Post by Daninski »

Anyone got some Bros. pepperoni for sale? :lol: How about a Group buy. :D
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92 GS Parts Car scrapped.
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Re: Introductions

Post by ice_mann »

whats up yall!!!!!
My name is Joey and I live in the woodstock NB area. I'm not exactly new to the mx scene but I am new to the eastern canada scene. I will be picking up another mx in the next month or so and doing some major work to it, is there any place that you guys would recomend for parts?
95 MX3 GSZE- Silver, TWM STS, suspension techniques lowering springs, moroe struts, bronze-oil shifter bushings, leather MS shift knob, strut bars(Fleabay), ss headers, spec stage 3 clutch, fidanza flywheel , outlaw spacers, MS motor mounts , custom ss door sills, spyder projectors

Megasquirt(dont know which one yet)
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Re: Introductions

Post by jollyrancher »

Hey anyone from the eastern board!

I'm Chantel, from Richibucto, NB. Moved back here a few years ago from Penn. I just recently bought myself (and didn't know what I was getting myself into) a gorgeous '93 MX-3 with a swapped KLZE engine.

Would love to talk to some people from around here and/or up to Moncton and learn some more about this beauty. My mechanic is already saying get rid of it because of the mods, but even after owning her for a couple weeks I can't seem to part.

Been lurking on the site ever since I bought it, figured it was time to introduce myself. :D
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