Hoodzy's How To: Indiglo Guages

Where can I get this body kit? How do I remove my dash? How to I make my headlights clear? How do I paint my interior parts? All common appearance questions answered in this archive only forum.
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Hoodzy's How To: Indiglo Guages

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I got my guages off of ebay from procarparts.com also I think you can buy them directly from that site also. Other companies sell them on ebay also just have to search.

You can also get others from

I am going by memory the blue circles will indicate screws, so if I have something circled incorrectly please let me know.
First step you must unscrew the shifter knob, don't have to do it all the way but farely loose. Remove the ash tray and remove the screw. I started from the top using the small putty knife carefully prying off the cover, covering the climate control, pulling on where the ash tray is helps too. Once you have this off should be a screw located on the right hand side remove this screw.

Next the cover under the steering wheel, remove a screw on the bottom right, unbolt the hood release. Then take off the cover there will be 2 metal clips that will pop off when u remove it. I started from the right hand side pulling it off. I couldn't get it completely off on the left hand side but, no need to completely remove it. Should be 2 screws to remove, also remove the 2 screws above the guage cluster.

Using a putty knife pry the cover off, I started on the left hand side and go along towards the climate control and you will have the whole cover loosened, you will the need to unplug all of the wires connected to the cover. Once this is off put it somewhere safe, now you can start unscrewing basically all the visible screws from the guage cluster. Remove cluster entirely and unplug all wires from back.

I would suggest having 2 people to do this. You will need to use a putty knife to pop off the guage cover, another person can pop all of the latches. The time control will screw off with a screwdriver and the odometer reset control will unscrew off. Now you can unscrew all the screws from the guage faces. Then slide on the new guages. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!! AND HAVE CLEAN HANDS. You may need another person to bend the guages slightly to get them over while you get them over the needles. I believe you dont have to worry about where the needles are pointing but I made sure to remember where my fuel gauge needle was. You will need to drill a hole for the wires to pass through, I just cut a piece out of the top section with a hack saw. I had some white pieces of the plastic left, was a pain to get rid of them all. So once that is all done put everything back together.

You will need to ground the guages so put it under any screw attached to metal. Then with your red wire attach it to your red/black wire( I MUST CONFIRM THIS FIRST DOUBLE CHECK), this is located coming from the plug which goes to the cruise control. This will be your parking light switch. I had another prong where the wire went into so I just shoved it into there. Had a little clip in the plug so just clips right over, may have to fatten the wire. Then I taped it to the rest of the wires so if it was pulled it would just pull from the tape. Make sure to test it before you put everything back together, once you have that done reassemble everything and your good to go. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me i'm more then willing to help. Hoodzy




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