Positive Dimmer?

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Positive Dimmer?

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I have a wire on my MX-3 harness saying that, and it's a different one than 'Illumination'; what's that is supposed to be?

Thx a lot!
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We need a pic or something. I've never heard of that.. :?:
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I am assuming this wire is on your aftermarket radio harness?

Usually the dimmer/illumination wires will be orange in color. Do not connect these wires to anything. Just cap, tape or cut them off.

Explaination: Most factory radios will dim with the dash/gauge lights when the dimmer knob is turned. Obviously this is not a problem because your factory radio was designed to do so and was made to be in your MX-3. There is no standard dimmer voltage from car to car. Your cars dimmer voltage might vary from 1-6 volts as the dimmer knob is turned while another car might vary from 2-12 volts. Because of this I recommend to play it safe and do not connect the dimmer/illumination wires

True story: Just yesterday, a co-worker of mine decided to hook up the dimmer wire in a customers car when installing his aftermarket radio. Usually this would only blow a fuse but in this case it burnt out a resistor inside of the dimmer switch. I replaced the resistor and all worked fine after. 8)

Hope this helps -Joe
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