FAQ: Whiteline Suspension Components

What are good lowering springs for the MX-3? How low should I lower it? Can I cut my springs instead of buying new ones? This forum is for Suspension related Frequently Asked Questions.
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FAQ: Whiteline Suspension Components

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I don't know if any of you have heard of Whiteline, but they are a pretty well-known Austrailian suspension company. They make full suspension kits for the Mazda 323 GTX or GTR as well as the Ford TX3. Most of this stuff will fit the MX-3. Whiteline is pretty well known to make damn good quality products. I've never heard anything bad about them. They recently opened a WEBSTORE which offers shipping to the UNITED STATES!! <p>Before you read the parts list. Please note that the swaybars will NOT fit the mx3. The front one might, but the rear will not. The endlinks, camber, caster, strutbars and struts/springs will fit however.<p>Here is the URL to their website: http://www.whiteline.com.au <p>I prepared a price list and part number list of all the stuff for our cars. <p>HANDLING PACKAGES
-Handling Pack (includes 20-24mm adjustable rear swaybar, front swaybar urethane endlinks, caster anti-lift kit, and two sets of camber bolts). Price: $453.64 AUD which is $285.80 USD<p>-Sports Pack (includes 330mm front springs, and 300mm rear springs, and 4 adjustable koni shock inserts). Price: 880.91 AUD which is $554.98 USD<p>-The Works (inclues everything in Handling and Sports Pack's). Price: 1,268.18 AUD which is 798.96 USD.<p>-The Works Adjustable (Includes everything in handling pack, but comes with adjustable coilovers and struts instead of koni inserts and lowering springs). Price: 3,204.55 AUD which is $2018.07 USD.<p>SUSPENSION PARTS
Part # | Description | AUD Price | USD Price<p>120230 | Laser KF-KH Mazda 323 rear left strut | $168.18 | $105.95

120210 | Laser KF-KH Mazda 323 front left strut | $168.18 | $105.95

120220 | Laser KF-KH Mazda 323 front right strut | $168.18 | $105.95

120240 | Laser KF-KH Mazda 323 rear right strut | $168.18 | $105.95

BFR43Z | H/duty swaybar-rr Blade adjust. (20-24mm) | $204.55 | $128.87

SPF903K | SuperPro poly bush kit (front swaybar) | $15.92 | $10.03

KCA412 | Camber adj bolt kit-12mm (2 bolts) | $71.82 | $45.25

KCA324 | Control arm-rear bush caster adj. | $117.27 | $73.88<p>KCA324X | Control arm caster adj. & Anti-Lift | $180.91 | $113.97

KSB560 | Adj. Front strut tower brace | $162.73 | $102.52<p>KSB537 | Adj. Rear Strut tower brace | $162.73 | $102.52

BFF33 | Heavy duty swaybar-fr (24mm) | $145.45 | $91.64

BFR43 | Heavy duty swaybar-rr (22mm) | $145.45 | $91.64

Here is a link to the parts list for this stuff: http://www.whiteline.com.au/docs/fact_sheets/CK_Maz_323GTX.PDF <p>Here is an article from a magazine that installed this suspension kit on a Ford TX3:<p>Image<p>Image<p>Image
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FAQ: Whiteline Suspension Components

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the front bar won't work either.
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