[FS] MISC parts

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[FS] MISC parts

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First, I must say, it is sad to see this forum so dead. I spent so much time here back in the day. Today, I've gone trough my crawlspace and had a bit of a walk down memory lane. Contemplated starting the project all over. In short, I don't have the time. Given the lack of activity on this forum, if interested please call or text 630.251.5012.

I have a ton of parts I gathered up to convert my hydro locked 1.6l to a 2.0T.

I have

'91 b6 block and head from a miata. The block has been bored and honed.
ECU from said motor
water pump
intake and exhaust manifolds
v6 alternator
entire gasket kit
crank shaft
brand new pistons with rings installed
1994 1.6L White MX-3 - Daily Driver
1995 Red MX-3 -Project
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