FAQ: How to polish your t/b

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FAQ: How to polish your t/b

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Well It took me a little searching on how to to this. So I decided to make a little write-up for someone else needing some help..

First off it is way easier to take the t/b off your intake manifold.. but you could do this with it still on..

materials needed

100 Grit sand paper
180 " "
400 " "
Aluminum Polish.. I used Mothers..
Shop Towels / j-cloth

Not needed but make it easier

accessory kit
^ ^
(metal pollishing pads, sanding Disks, ext...)

Now once you remove you t/b and vac lines and anyother thing that might be in the way. You might want to tape up the tubes where the lines were.. I dont know if this is really necessary but I just didnt want all the metal dust collecting in there...

After that you can clean up any grease or dirft and grime that might be on the t/b... I just used orange hand cleaner and a toothbrush... then wiped off with a damp shop towel...

Once that is done you can start the long process of sanding! start off with the corse grit and work your way uo to the fine stuff.. remember let the sand paper do the work.. you dont have to press down very hard with the corse girt.. if you do you will make some deep scratches that will be hard to get out later....

Now this is where the dremil comes in for the first time.. If you have access to one... I used it to clean up in the small spots that I could not get the paper into.. also if you get the 180girt sand disks you can use them to sand most of the t/b itself..... But if you dont have the dremil it will just take you 4 times as long to do it.. but you will be more satisified when its done!! LOL

When your done with all the sanding ..( worked your way from 100-2000 grit paper ) make sure you have no major spots that look all scrached up from sanding too hard. if there is clean them up with the 1000-1500-2000 grit.. ( note remember you only see about 70% of the t/b from the engine bay . you might want to make sure the most visable parts are the onnes you spend the most time on...)

Once you have it all sanded and looking nice.. clean up the metale fines / dust with a damp j-cloth or you use a air gun to blow it off and then wipe down..

Now start the polishing!! apply a little to the shop towel and start pollishing.. remove and buff.. looks like chrome!!! well done!

If you have a dremil you can also use pollishing pads and buffing pads for even more shine!!.. works perfect...

Thats it.. sorry for the long post.. had trouble sleeping... :?
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