Zero Tolerance Speed Zones - Ottawa Area

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Zero Tolerance Speed Zones - Ottawa Area

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I was sent this email and have see these signs around town, so it's real. I am posting this information here as an FYI for others in the area. (just incase you may have a heavy foot) 8) Feel free to pass this on!

The following is a listing of streets and dates of where the police will
be over the next months. There is a zero tolerance policy in effect for
the month of May, so slow down.

I hope this saves any one of you from getting a ticket.

P.S. Within the next couple of months the OC Transpo security will become special constables and it has been agreed upon with the city that they will be able to enforce HTA offences (speeding etc) on Highway 174.

Speeding Costs You Campaign - Phase Two Enforcement Schedule

Rural East District - May 1 to May 14

(1) Ottawa Road 174 - Trim Road to Dunning
(2) Anderson Road - Russell to Renaud
(3) Wilhaven Drive - Frank Kenny to Beckett's Creek
(4) River Road - Mitch Owens to Flag Station
(5) Parkway Road - Stagecoach to Bank Street
(6) Russell Road - Frank Kenny to the easterly limit of the City

East District - May 15 to May 28

(1) Bank Street - Johnston Road to Kitchener Road
(2) St. Laurent Boulevard - Tremblay Road to Smyth Road
(3) Hunt Club Road - Cahill to Conroy
(4) Spratt Road - Earl Armstrong to Limebank
(5) Albion Road - Lester to Leitrim
(6) Innes Road - Cyrville Road to Blackburn Bypass West

Central East District - May 29 to June 11

(1) Nicholas Street - Waller to Highway 417
(2) St. Laurent Boulevard - Donald to McArthur Road
(3) King Edward - Macdonald Cartier Bridge to St. Patrick
(4) Ogilive Road - Aviation to St. Laurent Boulevard
(5) Hemlock - St. Laurent to Beechwood Cemetary Access
(6) Mann Avenue - Chapel to King Edward Avenue

Central West District - June 12 to June 25

(1) Bronson Avenue - Colonel By Ramps to Dunbar Bridge
(2) Main Street - Riverdale to Smyth
(3) Bank Street - Sunnyside to Wilton
(4) Parkdale Avenue - Armstrong to Highway 417
(5) Bronson Avenue - Carling to Queen Elizabeth Driveway
(6) Chamberlain - Bronson Avenue to Kent

West District - June 26 to July 9

(1) Richmond Road - Stonehaven Drive to Moodie
(2) Greenbank Road - West Hunt Club Road to Fallowfield
(3) Westridge - Hazeldean Road to southerly end of Westridge
(4) Baseline Road - Woodroffe Avenue to Merivale
(5) Maitland - South of the 417 to Clyde
(6) Carling - Moodie to Corkstown

Rural West District - July 10 to July 23

(1) Rogers Stevens Road - Dwyer Hill to Malakoff
(2) Richmond Road - Eagleson to Rushmore
(3) Dunrobin Road - Murphy Side Road to Kinburn Side Road
(4) Huntley Road - Garvin to Mansfield
(5) Carp Road - Craig Side Road to Kinburn Side Road
(6) Flewellyn Road - Conley to the westerly limit of the City

Drive safe - Dave
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