So I plan to turbo my stock 4cyl DOHC

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Save 1100 more and do a BPT Swap
find a real turbo mani from a B6T (still needs mod for T3)
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Good idea.. Just don't get boost happy
Not gonna work
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So I plan to turbo my stock 4cyl DOHC

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Got an amazing deal on a T3 - Tb03 A/R .42 ..Stock it's suppose to be gated @ 5-7psi..

As i'm broke i'm going to conserve money as much as possible and make any of the custom parts I need..

Starting with a turbo adapter plate to mount the T3 to the Stock 4cyl exhaust manifold (the 90 degree piece that connects to the primary cat).. I have 1/2inch plate and access to a plasma cutter along with tools to shape a rough plenum..

I'll have to have an IC and the same guy with the turbo had a (guess)24x18x2 inch unit that weighs nothing for the size and the fact that it's steel.. They're stock on the Turbo volvo he pulled it out of..

Pipe to plumb it all from Can-tire..

Hopefully I'll get this setup made for 500 or less...

Edit: Later I plan drop out the bottom end replace the bearings and seals then mill the piston face's 2mm to lower the compression ratio 0.1 or 2..maybe get a little more boost or just help with the knock, which i'm expecting to get...

Did up a chart in excel (because I love math)...
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