Crazy Blinkers!

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Crazy Blinkers!

Post by AshesofPepper »

Ack! Alright, almost everytime i turn the wheel more than a half turn on my MX-3 the blinker goes on, left or right depending on which way i turn the wheel. Now when i use the blinker to turn, and it clicks off after a turn it jumps over the off position and into the on position in the oppsite direction!

I know this might be a stupid question but i think something is wrong in the steering colum(sp?) with this one.

Any suggestions on what i should look at?
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Post by Grants »

Well it certainly sounds like a mechanical (as in physical) problem and not an electrical one. I'd suggest dropping the shrouds off the steering column (a few philips head screws going up from the bottom) and having a look at the switch. Hopefully its just come loose or something simple like that.
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Post by D323 »

If you replace the steering wheel, and tighten it down too far the mechanism that is supposed to turn off the blinkers will do exactly as you described.

Have you recently replaced the steering wheel, or tightened the nut that holds it on?
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Post by AshesofPepper »

Well I myself have done neither of the two but what me being the third owner, a previous owner could have done so. But i will try loosing the retaining nut and if not i'll pull the whole wheel off and have a look see.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm off to go find my steering wheel puller :)
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Post by papa roached »

mine did that from when i was working under the dash and put to much weight on it and moved it, i just sat int he seat and pulled it back out to where it dont do it no more
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