MX-3 Frame Chart

Where can I get this body kit? How do I remove my dash? How to I make my headlights clear? How do I paint my interior parts? All common appearance questions answered in this archive only forum.
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MX-3 Frame Chart

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I thought I'd share my find with you guys. I couldn't find a MX-3 frame chart anywhere, so I went to a body shop and made a copy. This should help all those trying to pull their MX-3 back out right. ... nt%20Chart" onclick=";return false;
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Reason: Diagram is now hosted on in the Online Shop Manual section.
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Damn, dunno if I'll ever have to use it but anyway, that chart is good stuff for adding to my files of "just-in-case-info". Very cool and thanks! :bowdown:
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this one is a faq fo sho
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