FAQ: ZX2 Struts (Here is everything you need to know)

What are good lowering springs for the MX-3? How low should I lower it? Can I cut my springs instead of buying new ones? This forum is for Suspension related Frequently Asked Questions.
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FAQ: ZX2 Struts (Here is everything you need to know)

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Here is everything you will need to install the ZX2 Struts successfully.

DESCRIPTION: Heavy duty Tokico struts performance tuned to match Eibach springs for ZX2 suspension. Provide improved body control with firmer ride. Set of four (4) struts.
PRICE: C$ 290.72 (your local Ford dealership) OR $160.00usd (oemfordparts.com)

PART NUMBER: AD-980 (order 2)
DESCRIPTION: ZX2 Front Upper Strut Bearing
PRICE: C$ 29.87ea (your local Ford dealership)

PART NUMBER: F7CZ-3C134-BA (order 2)
DESCRIPTION: ZX2 front dust boots
PRICE: C$ 23.83ea (your local Ford dealership)

PART NUMBER: F7CZ-18159-BA (order 2)
DESCRIPTION: ZX2 rear dust boots
PRICE: C$ 11.38ea (your local Ford dealership)

PART NUMBER: Unknowen (order 4)
DESCRIPTION: MX-3 Camber bolts
PRICE: C$ 27.00ea (your local Canadian Tire)

Here are a few things you really should know about this ZX2 conversion
  • You need to reuse the rear bumperstops. You might want to inquire about some new 'rear bumpstops' when ordering, it's up too you.
  • The struts do not come with new top shaft nuts. I reused the old ones, but it's probably a good idea to replace them though.
  • The struts do not come with upper pearch mounts. You can purchase the ZX2 onces for something like C$ 80.00/ea, or simply get you're local mechanic to enlarge the 19mm holes to 22mm with a dremel (This is very easy).

Where did i buy all my ZX2 parts from?BARRIE FORD
55 Mapleview drive west, BARRIE, ON L4N 9H7 CANADA
PARTS DIRECT LINE (705) 737-3701
FAX: (705) 737-0447

How long does it take to get them?It will take them approximately 2-3 weeks to get everything you need from Ford.

Any shipping costs?
Yes, it was ~C$ 25.00 to have them shipped to the local Ford dealership.

How the heck do i install these suckers? I thought they were meant for the Ford Escort ZX2!
Everything you need to know is at
http://www.mazdaracer.clubprotege.com/ZX2struts.html (New link updated by Administrator/Old link was no longer available.)

So what's so popular about the ZX2 struts?
The ZX2 struts are Tokico struts (very good reputation), and they will be able to handle the stress of a lower drop, say around 1.75" drop. Again, im running ZX2 Struts paired with Suspension Technqiues and it's definatly a more bumpier ride than stock, but it's nothing too crazy or annoying.

Any known issues with the ZX2 struts?
  • They are 1/2" smaller than the stock OEM mx-3 struts. However, look on it on the bright side; it gives you an extra .5" drop!
  • It will totally throw your chamber settings off. Don't worry about this, just take it in and get a 4-WHEEL ALIGNMENT. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

What are good springs to use with these ZX2 struts?Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs (1.3"F, 1.0"R) and Suspension Techniques (1.3"F, 1.3"R) seems to be the most popular.

Personally, I’m using the Suspension Techniques lowering springs and I absolutly love them. I would HIGHLY recommend them!

Why wouldn't i just get the Tokico Premium performance Struts?
  • The Tokico's go for approximately C$185.00 (each). That's just over C$ $850.00 for the set!
  • You void the warranty on the Tokico Premium performance struts if you drop your car lower than 1.5 inches.

What about the KYB GR-2 struts?I have not heard good things about these struts on cars lowered at 1.5" or more. Though im sure they are just fine if you only want to drop about 1 inch. They run ~C$ 125.00ea, and are basically designment for an OEM replacement.

What about MAZDASPEED Adjustable Struts?These suckers are damn good struts. However, they are very expensive C $275.00 (each).

Questions and/or concerns?zytariuk@hotmail.com

P.S: If you order them for Barrie Ford, ask for Shaun Dixon. He's the guy that helped me...
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