Which ECU?
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Author:  andywilson24 [ June 26 2014, 6:49 AM ]
Post subject:  Which ECU?

Had my 1994 v6 mx3 in storage now for a couple of years.

Put a 2.5v6 KLDE in it couple of years ago.

Had to drill and tap a new coolant temp sensor inlet for the engine to accept an extra coolant temp sensor as it had only one port and my wiring loom has two plugs.

The EGR valve has been blanked off.

I have the problem that when the engine gets to operating temperature the fan comes on and stays on permanent. (This effects the driving of the car, idle, smooth running etc)

I have tried different ecu's and none really work well. I have read somewhere i need to bridge a connection in an ecu? Not sure if that is correct and also which ecu i need to run in the car to match the engine.

Want to get the car out again. Can anyone shed any light on my problem?


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