Under Stereo Gauge Panel *Updated Pic Added*
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Author:  Tunes67 [ September 11 2006, 1:33 PM ]
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Ok guys.. here is how it needs to work. Send $5.00 Can or US to

Make sure you tell Jeff its for Tunes' gauge panel in your message. When Jeff has alerted me that you have made your donation to He will PM me and I will then PM you on how to place your order for the gauge panel. The panel will be $25.00 shipped, either Can or US. Though that is via US Priority mail. I will work with you personally on how you want your panel to be layed out. Cheers


Author:  verzutiko [ September 11 2006, 3:27 PM ]
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Woho! Donations sent! :D

Author:  mx almere [ September 12 2006, 1:09 AM ]
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Donation sent :wink:

Author:  billzie [ September 12 2006, 9:37 AM ]
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Is this panel still 1/8" ? Is it ABS ? Can you send a pic of the red color? Do you have pics of each panel you've done? , that would be your best selling point right there. I'm just wondering if you tried with various thickness', I'm worried about mounting and longevity, I don't like the squeeze fit idea or dbl sided tape. I like to have access to things if needed and it seems that the screws over time would not be the best option either. I'm wondering about removing the stock clips from the map pockets to use for the mounting on this, tell me what you think. If I get these from you, I'm looking for two gauge panels and possibly two other panels, but we can talk privately for that. Let me know, thanks, Bill.

Author:  Tunes67 [ September 12 2006, 1:58 PM ]
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They are still 1/8" thick. And apparently you dont like any of the mounting options either. So I really dont know what to tell you man. The stock clips really wont work with this.. its a flat panel.. its not thick enough for there to be any side mounts. As for longevity.. its plastic.. only disposable diapers will last longer. It could break if someone is punching it or flexing it to far or to often.. but once you put it in place.. how often do you plan to remove it? And for the record.. I am not worried about selling these. I am offering these up to the MX-3 community here as a alternative to the gauge pods.. not cause I am worried about making money on them. I have not made one out of the red material yet since I have had no requests for one. However.. If someone wants one I can take a pic of the material and post it so they can see what shade of red it is.


Author:  billzie [ September 12 2006, 3:08 PM ]
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Thanks for the quick reply. Few things,
I've been thinking about doing something like this for a long time, but like I said I'd rather have something more like the factory mounting, firm but easy to remove when needed (btw, I'm a audio junkie, that's why). I thought that 3/16" would be appropriate adding some reinforcing pieces to mount the stock clips. That's why I asked if ABS, this can be solvent welded. Just a thought on optional mounting.
Longevity, I'm just worried about removing/replacing it many times, like I mentioned above, this is only in reference to the mounting of it not the materials.
My comment about pics and selling more was more for the ease of doing this at work and dealing with your boss, that's all. I/we appreciate your help.
I'm not really pushing the red, it's just an after thought. But, in general, it'd be nice to see pics of the different set ups you made. I'm probably going to try and squeeze 3 AM guages in it, and maybe a few holes for lights/switches.

Can I pm you about this?
Thanks for your time, Bill.

Author:  Tunes67 [ September 12 2006, 5:31 PM ]
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Sure you can PM me about them. Just so you know though.. I am at work from 9 to 6 pacific time. So I dont always see PM's or postings right away. As for pics of all the setups I have made? Well so far I have only made 3 of them.. two for myself and one for another member of the board. I can show you pics of mine.. but you have seen the 2 models of those.. I do have 2 more orders for these now.. maybe these new guys will show pics of theirs. Every one of these is a custom job for engraving and hole placement & size.. a lot of people dont want other folks to know what they have done or are doing to their cars cause they want to be original about it. So if they want to post up pics or if they tell me that they dont mind if I post up pics of their panels after they are made.. then I would be more than willing to post pics of their panels. :) I do have a digi cam here at work so it wouldnt be any issue to take pics :) Also.. if you have Corel Draw.. you could do the vector layout for the panel anyway you want it to be. Then just e-mail me the layout for cutout and engraving. This could allow you to be more precise about your fitment of both the panel and your gauges/switches. Cheers


Author:  verzutiko [ September 13 2006, 1:32 AM ]
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You can show him my panel when you're finished with it Tunes.

Author:  Tunes67 [ September 15 2006, 1:07 PM ]
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Thanks Verzutiko.. And here is a pic of your finished guage panel.. which shipped out this morning. :)


Let me know if you dont receive it within 4-6 business days as the post office says you will Ok? Cheers


PS.. I did test fit it in my 92 GS last night and it fit just fine.

Author:  verzutiko [ September 17 2006, 10:09 AM ]
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Looks very good Tunes! Will do! :)

Author:  Slammed6 [ February 01 2007, 12:00 AM ]
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Donation Sent! :D

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