Is there an mx3 wiki?
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Author:  cout [ March 26 2010, 12:25 PM ]
Post subject:  Is there an mx3 wiki?

If not I was thinking of starting one on my server and populating it with some of the answers in the forum faqs. What I love about forums is that they do a great job of recording ongoing discussions, but the strength of a wiki is that it can hold the current state of the community's knowledge. (Sticky posts do help to alleviate the problem, but they still lack the flexibility of a wiki)

Is this something other users would be interested in?

Author:  Mnemonic [ March 26 2010, 1:04 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Is there an mx3 wiki?

The problem with Wiki's is they are for posting documentation up and are either locked so when people post the wrong info you cannot change it, or you have the right information there and the wiki is open for others to make changes, and they put incorrect information in. Forums are better I believe when dealing with automotive because they allow for discussion which is where the majority of our faqs came from. To be honest, forums when it comes to automotive information are THE BEST source of information as it allows for discussion, its just sad that people are too lazy to search and read most of the time to actually know this.

Faqs that give out engine information that is specificly from the manufacturer would be great for a wiki but things like for instance the HEI mod would not. There are several write ups with diagrams on this site on how to do the HEI mod. The end result is the same but how they do it is slightly different, some guys tap into the wire in the disty cap, some guys drill the center out completely and run a new prod for spark, other guys use j-spec dity cap, while some use another aftermarket disty cap. Now this is all the same mod but with those little changes you've changed how it should be done... Unless you plan on writing up the multiple ways to do things then having a wiki that says one specific way to do something is the correct way is kinda bias on how the person running the wiki believes it to be, and isn't open for discussion.

Author:  cout [ March 29 2010, 1:03 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Is there an mx3 wiki?

Yeah I read on the FAQ about all the chaos with the mazda K engine info on wikipedia. Seems some well-intentioned but misguided people keep changing it, and any open wiki has all the same disadvantages.

The problem I've run into though is that when a thread becomes useful, it gets a sticky. Then I read through the thread, and since I don't yet know who gives reliable answers and who gives BS answers, I'm not sure which posts in the thread to believe. Also since the posts are sort of ad-hoc, the really useful information seems to be spread across multiple posts. I spent two evenings reading up before I felt confident enough to post without getting flamed for not doing my homework first. (in retrospect, this seems like a much more newbie-friendly community than I'm used to, so I guess I didn't really have anything to be afraid of).

My thought wasn't at all to replace the forum but rather to assimilate the information on and provide links to the appropriate threads on the forum. But maybe I'm just wanting to over-organize (an unfortunate consequence of being an obsessive-compulsive software engineer).

I think I may have mentioned it in another post somewhere, but maybe a wiki isn't what I'm really after; a glossary thread would probably have helped me tremendously.

Author:  Dark_Rider2k3 [ October 21 2010, 1:47 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Is there an mx3 wiki?

My problem when I was doing my BP swap was weeding through the useless information in the search. It was hard to find information about things like reverse lights wiring, neutral safety switch information, and when it came time for the BP, I had to rely on Ryan to tell me about the VICS.

And even then, there was no information about an 'F' series slave cylinder being different then a 'G' series slave cylinder.

But it still is useful.. just swap information can be a hassle when your trying to search for something specific.

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