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 How To: straight neck intake manifold fitment. 
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Post How To: straight neck intake manifold fitment.
How To: Mx6 slim booster to Mx3 stubby master for straight IM klze fitment.
By: jwmx3 & projectzemx3

Benefits of this mod:
able to use the stock straight intake manifold klze. cheaper to modify booster then to purchase a curved intake manifold. straight neck klze's come with kl 31 cams.

Tools needed:
die grinder
cut off tool
drill press
bench grinder
needle nose pliers

What you will need:
slim mx6 booster
mx3 master cylinder

How to:
take your mx6 booster, on the back of the booster, you will see all around that the edges have been pinched in. this is what holds the booster together. with your cut off tool, cut in the center of these pinchs. use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend these tabs outwards. pull the front half of the booster away from the rear. be careful to note the order of internal pieces. take the front half of the booster away. take out the big spring inside and you will see a push rod that pushes the piston of the master cylinder. grab that and pull. it should pop off fairly easily.

take this push rod and again with your cut off tool cut at the base of the peg. grind this piece flat with your die grinder. now you will have a push rod with a threaded nipple in the end, and a round flat base where it used to be connected. take the nipple out of the push rod.

drill a thin hole, the same diameter as the threads on the nipple, dead center of that base, find a small nut that the nipple threads into and weld that to the backside of that round base. thread the nipple through that hole and into the nut.

what you will see you have done is shortened that push rod.

re-assemble the new shortened push rod back into place and put that big spring back over. you will need too use 2 hands to push the front half of the booster to the rear half. get your friend with needle nose pliers to bend those tabs back over the rear section of the booster. make sure the front half of the booster is aligned with the rear half. otherwise your master cylinder wont be upright.

now take your mx3 master cylinder, and stick it into the booster. it wont fit but you will be able to gauge how much of the master you have to grind off to make it fit.

grind around in a perfect circle using a bench grinder, when it is close fine tune it with a file for perfect fitment.

once you have fit a mx3 master to the mx6 booster you can go ahead and take out that fat old mx3 booster. there is a lip that runs along the fire wall you will need to grind a section of that away to get the mx6 booster to press up against the firewall.

take your master (be sure to bench bleed it) and attach it to the mx6 booster. then go ahead and bleed the brake system.

when you fit the straight intake manifold in you will find the throttle cable linkage will still hit the master cylinder. you can either use your K8 throttle body (bored out to meet klze throttle body specs) or you can switch the linkage to the ze throttle body.

good luck!





February 23 2009, 12:07 PM
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