UBCSCC Team Enduro Autocross August 28th
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Author:  crazycanadian [ August 10 2011, 3:14 AM ]
Post subject:  UBCSCC Team Enduro Autocross August 28th


What's the deal?

The UBCSCC Team Enduro is a once a year event that is easily one of the most memorable events of the year. The Team Enduro is a two-part day: in the morning, everybody runs the course as usual in their usual classes (this is practice!). In the afternoon, the "TEAM" portion of the event begins where in groups of 4, teams get 1 chance at the enduro (3 loops of the course). Each member of the team's indexed score is added to find the lowest team score which is the winner of the event. Don't worry if you don't have a team organized for the event. Come out anyway and we will make sure that you get onto a team! Please post your teams as they are "in progress" in this thread so drivers without teams can join. ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE NOVICE PARTICIPANT!

What's this supersized business about?


We are going BIG for this one! For this date only, the UBCSCC has secured use of the adjacent runway for parking and staging allowing us to use the entire skidpad for autocross goodness! What all this extra space means is that we will have more room to create a longer, faster, more exciting course!

What can we win?
We are proud to announce that in cooperation with our sponsor, Driver's Edge Autosport, UBCSCC has lined up some great prizes to be won!! Exact details to follow shortly!

Have you got any other cool stuff for us?

We will be holding draws all day for Toyo Tires hats, t-shirts, free UBCSCC autocross events, and a variety of other cool door prizes!

Okay, we're excited, how do we sign up?

For registration info please continue to the next post:

Author:  crazycanadian [ August 10 2011, 3:15 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: UBCSCC Team Enduro Autocross August 28th

Supplemental Regulations - MUST READ!

By registering for this event, you state that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by all regulations. Registration/signup link is located at the bottom of this post.

Ford Road, Harris Road and the area around the airport must be treated with respect. This means no speeding, squealing tires, burn-outs, loud music or anything that might disturb our neighbours. If anyone is caught doing any of these things or generally being inconsiderate, they will be banned without warning from ALL major clubs in the lower mainland.

This event is held under CACC General Competition Rules

Event Details
Entry for this event is $60 per driver and does NOT include UBCSCC Membership, which is mandatory to attend this event. Membership is available for $25 for the remainder of the year (required to attend our track day events) or $5 for this event only (paid cash, day of). KARELO PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY FOR THIS EVENT. For this event, there will be absolutely no refunds or driver substitutions.

Team Composition
All teams must have at least ONE novice as defined by the CACC Rulebook. (Must not have attended more than 3 events before December 31, 2010). To be entered for the $200 supplemental prize, a team must consist of at least two drivers who have never attended a UBCSCC event before.

Important Dates
-Registration for this event will close on August 27th, 2010 at 9:00pm.

Important Times
-Gate opens at 7:30am
-Course opens for walking at 7:30am
-Tech Inspection closes at 8:45am SHARP - any cars not teched by this time will not be eligible to run at this event.
-Registration closes at 8:30am SHARP - any drivers not registered by this time will not be eligible to run at this event.

Noise Regulations
For this event, a STRICT noise limit of 92dB measured at WOT at 50' will be in effect. In addition to this, any vehicle that is deemed to be emitting any sort of offensive noise, regardless of measured value, will be immediately removed from competition. Any drivers found to have vehicles that are deemed too loud will not be offered a refund and will not be given any "second chances". It is highly unlikely that ANY aftermarket exhaust or exhaust/intake combination will pass this strict requirement.

Dual Driver Cars
A maximum of two drivers may enter a vehicle in one team regardless of class. In addition, only two drivers may drive one vehicle in a given class with another two female drivers eligible to enter in the corresponding ladies class.

Further details will be announced at the driver's meeting.

Registration Information

UBCSCC AutoX - Team Enduro - August 28, 2011
Membership Required
Location: BC Driving Centre
Cost: $60 by pre-registration via Karelo only

Author:  crazycanadian [ August 10 2011, 3:16 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: UBCSCC Team Enduro Autocross August 28th

I am looking to get a couple more mazdas to come out.. Hopefully we can set up an all mazda team... anyone interested in coming out??

This event is a blast and very unique to the autocross world...

more info on the forums at

Author:  crazycanadian [ August 19 2011, 12:35 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: UBCSCC Team Enduro Autocross August 28th

Well so far I have a team of 3 mazda 323's... We are still looking for a 4th person for our team... Come on out! anyone??

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