UBCSCC Mission Track day
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Author:  crazycanadian [ June 15 2011, 8:23 PM ]
Post subject:  UBCSCC Mission Track day

Its not to late there are still novice spots left if you have never raced around the mission road course this i a great chance to come out and have some fun...

check out for more info..

UBCSCC is proud to announce the first of our three Track Days for 2011!!! We have only 40 spots available; 28 senior driver and 12 novice spots, so dont wait!!!

Mission Raceway Date #1: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Please make sure you read the entire Track Day information page before signing up:
2011 Track Day Information

Particularly, read the supplemental regulations regarding race tires, noise regulations, and cancellations. Ignorance is no excuse! Also, please make sure to read what classifies you as a novice, those signing up for the wrong group will not be given a refund! Every trackday the UBCSCC has ever run has sold out - make sure to signup early to avoid any disappointments!

All drivers must hold valid UBCSCC 2011 Membership

NOVICE SIGNUP LINK: (MAX 12) ... 10#Ev10860


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here!

Author:  crazycanadian [ June 15 2011, 8:24 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: UBCSCC Mission Track day

I am really looking forward to this... My first time out on the track ever... Should be lots of fun stretching the legs on my KLDE 323..

Author:  crazycanadian [ June 23 2011, 2:23 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: UBCSCC Mission Track day

Well my first track day is in the bag... I had a great time... We got a total of 5 20min sessions out on course... For us novices our first 3 runs were with a pace car..

The first session was very slow paced.. My brakes never really got up to temp.. The second session was a little faster pace.. We also did some leap frogging to give every person a chance to follow the pace car and see the race line.. I was still coasting around the track most of the time I did manage to get my brakes up to temp a few times though.. For the 3rd session we did some more leap frogging.. This time the pace car would pick a pace based on what he thought would challenge the car behind him..W hen I was tailing the pace car he picked up the pace a fair amount for 3/4 of the lap.. We left the rest of the group pretty far behind.. This was a lot of fun, I finally got a chance to get some good heat in the brakes and start pushing the car....

For our 4th and 5th sessions we were allowed to run all out with out a pace car.. Passing was only allowed on the front straight away with a proper point by.... I found out really fast that my car doesn't like the sustained high rpms... After about 2 - 3 laps my engine temps were climbing rapidly.. I had to run most of the time at 50% throttle short shifting and taking it pretty easy on the car.... This is the first time I have ever had a problem with over heating in this car..

For the few laps I was able to get on the throttle and run the car full out I struggled to learn where my braking points were and how hard I could be on the brakes... I think running the Porterfields on all 4 corners I have a little to much front brake... Under heavy high speed braking the car starts to get a little squirmy... It feels like my front brakes are doing to much work and there isn't enough rear brake to help keep the car stable... Over all though the I never had a problem with loosing brakes... The pads once warmed up they always had good bite....

Coming down the front stretch into turn one was pretty scary... A couple times I caught a glance at my speedo.. I was some where around 100- 110mph.. I never really did get my braking point set for turn 1.. When I was running at 50% I had no problems with it, but at full speed I over drove the corner a few times..

Turn 2 was fun.... The first time I drove hard into turn 2 I was trail braking a lot.. The corner has a bit of dip in it and this unsettled the car... The back end stepped out a bit but I had no problems correcting and keeping the car on track... After that I made sure to finish all my braking before the corner and didn't have any problems after that..

Turn 3 was a very tight corner with an interesting hump in the middle of it... I took this pretty easy all day...

Turns 4,5,6 are pretty interesting... I had a bit of fun with this section... For most of the day I came threw turn 4 in 3rd gear with a little brake check before the turn... I did try running corner 4 with out a brake check, just lifting the throttle a little and down shifting to 3rd going into corner 5 but this scared the crap out of me.. The car handled it pretty well but I did push a little to far into turn 5...

Turn 7 was fun... I struggled a little bit on where to brake when entering turn 7 a couple of time.. For the most part though I was early on the brakes and drove pretty easy threw turn 7..

Turns 8,9 felt pretty consistant and fun all day.. I did over drive it once and pushed really wide but over all I felt really comfortable...

This is the track lay out for mission..

One video I have from my 5th session... This was my first 3 laps.. Since I knew I would start over heating after a few laps I really tryed to make the most out of my first 3 laps.. I ended up over driving a few corners and felt I was pretty sloppy overall... When I dialed it back I really cleaned up my line and just concentrated on driving smooth..

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