KF-ZE ,80kmh in 2nd gear
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Author:  maryus [ January 21 2008, 2:53 AM ]
Post subject:  KF-ZE ,80kmh in 2nd gear

as the topic says im looking for some info from you guys that own a KF engine or owned before.
I did a research on the internet about KF times , but i did not find anything.

I am running a KF-15 ecu with a JE-50 VAF (cracked the hose and put some band all over tight tight lol ) and 94 Octane , 195/55/15 inch tires , k8 IM not sure

In first i go like 50 , second like 80 .. and then i did not pay attention , i did 0-140 kmh pretty fast but i expected to do this in three gears not 4 ...
i dont rev over 7k as a note ...

now check this > looks a k8 engine .. goes 100 km in second , aniway he rev to much but ...

My question is it normal for a KF engine this ?

i boost pretty fast , but i feel the powerband constant now , not like before , with the k8 ecu , was boosting after 3-4 k
Now i feel all the way from 2k the power... however when i reach 4k i dont feel a boost it decreases slowly , only by the end at 6k maybe i feel a short boost , i could see that in the tachometer.

Im doing good or have to do some major tuneup ? ... dunno why but it doesent feel fast enough :) , maybe cause i saw to many KL-ZE videos LOL :)

thank you ,Marius

edit: As i saw the RPM , when i was at 140 in 4th gear , the rpm i think was almost to 6k or something like that , so when i shifted to 5th it was like 4-5k , i really dont remember exact , its sad cause i did not take a video , my friend was with me loll what a dumb .. ok my quest is i will have less top speed ? im not sure if i will pass 200 ....

do i need to put a KF or KL-DE IM ? ...

Author:  OutlaW [ January 21 2008, 8:54 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: KF-ZE ,80kmh in 2nd gear

maryus hello,
that movie is from my car ... but i make 7200 rpm to reach 100kmh in 2nd

1st = 60kmh
2nd= 100kmh
4th= i dont know :mrgreen:

All these speeds are @ 7200 rpm with a K8, full stock with 205/55/R15 :freak:

Author:  maryus [ January 22 2008, 1:08 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: KF-ZE ,80kmh in 2nd gear

hahahha , ok ok , you rev kind a lot lol ,indeed its running good, aniway yeah i wanted to go to 140 in 3rd .. but i went in 4th ...

Its like the tranny of mx3 is a downgrade for the KF engine ... Thats what i need to know if its really the tranny .. hehe


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