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Author:  XxantwawnxX [ February 09 2007, 8:08 AM ]
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MazdaManiacMx3 wrote:
Cobalt SS's are very underestimated cars .. The stock engine is capable of handling 550hp . Chevy built a budget racer that was killing silvias and skylines around the track ..

The have potential yes. I think i read up on that chevy cobalt beating skylines but i think i remember that chevy was the only million dollor car company tuning a car in that competion, while all others were just tuning shops. So im sure they could through alot more money into to it. Now i dont know for sure so dont quote me haha. Just what i thought i remember reading, hell i dont even know if we are talking about the same thing. But i do know one thing the car im talking about had the worst paintjob ever..all rainbowness and nasty. Although it did kick some a--.

Author:  hgallegos915 [ February 12 2007, 4:23 AM ]
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I went again and beat these cars

b16 civic
tiburon v6
chevy silverado (me with 3 passangers inside my car)
blue mazda rx8
5th gen nissan maxima
some old school b18 acura

, only lost once to a turbo 340 sx or whatever its called. the old model. I won the first race and second he won by a nose.

The sticking brake did make a noticeable diff.

no times on sundays tho :(

Author:  mazdaspeedmx_3 [ February 13 2007, 12:09 AM ]
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koreanmx-er wrote:
im gonna raise the bs flag on this one, first off there is no such thing as a grand prix ss , and i doubt you beat the cobalt ss as those run low 14's all day long, also post your times for all the corresponding races, and then the bs flag may be taken down.......

My ZE runs low 14's ....cobalts are't that fast

Author:  PWRD_BY_HKS [ February 13 2007, 12:27 PM ]
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.....are you serious man.... there is no reason why i shouldnt break low 14.s then.... is there anything else that you have and is not in your list of mods....the only thing you have that i dont is HEI MOD.... which on is the KL-07 ecu... im running kl-31.... you cant go wrong with that one....

Author:  hgallegos915 [ February 13 2007, 4:46 PM ]
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rudy your car is about a sec or less at a lower altitude. if u run around a 14.5 here its around high 13s at sea level. Its been confirmed. Like that miata guy from the elpasoracing site. He runs a 17.8 in el paso and at the shore he ran like a 16.9

Author:  PWRD_BY_HKS [ February 13 2007, 5:25 PM ]
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i hate altitude.... thats why i stand tall at 5'4"

Author:  PWRD_BY_HKS [ February 14 2007, 2:01 PM ]
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okay....let me get this right.... i have hit a 14.6 people once saw me running a 14.3 but i dont have a slip for proof so.... are you trying to tell me if i go and run up in canada with you guys..... im gonna run a 13.... all motor....there is dudes boosted that bearly make low 13.s ..... someone tell me something is wrong here.....

Author:  94blaze1.6 [ February 15 2007, 2:32 AM ]
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Well first off somebody said that the altitiude does not matter when boosted. That is incorrect, the higher in altitude u are located the less oxygen there is in the air. It is true that in terms of volume your engine sucks up the same amount of air but at a higher altitude that air will contain less oxygen in it just like at sea level it will contain more oxygen. Oxygen is what burns the gas, less oxygen= less power. It is important to remmember that temperture will have an affect on engines on a hot day you will not runs as fast as you do on a cold day or at nighttime. All these things are rarely ever posted along with the 1/4 times, i think that is why so many ppl are confused. I am personaly quite elevated but so is every other car in my city so i dont care so much about times as beating other cars.

Author:  hgallegos915 [ February 17 2007, 3:42 AM ]
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My best time was 15.3 @ 3000 feet. I guess i can break 14 at lower altitude. h22s here run high 16.

Author:  PWRD_BY_HKS [ February 17 2007, 4:24 AM ]
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dude.... i raped the hell out of that h22 coupe.... ha ha... the only reason he raced me is cuz i told him im his daddy and i knew he was scared.... ohh man im such an a hole

Author:  hgallegos915 [ February 19 2007, 10:05 PM ]
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um went again LOL what can i say Im addicted and im getting quite good at my launches.

07 civic i vtec i win twice by alot of cars.. like 4.

b18 civic 4 door, i win by like.. 7 cars..

i lost to a 250 z, i messed up in 3rd gear and also somehow.. my vris was disconnected..

sentra ser i had no vris and i won by 2 cars and a half.

Author:  facko [ February 20 2007, 12:30 AM ]
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man everytime i read u post about going to the track i miss racing my car more and more :(

Author:  hgallegos915 [ March 12 2007, 3:16 AM ]
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Ok went again, was ok i guess. My car is running a bit better now. I only lost to a turbo prelude by like a car. I was tied with powered by hks aka rudy, beat a super charged saturn ion, stock acura integra type r, honda accord vtec. I let a kid win in an s10, he was with his dad and seemed excited about it so i decided to make his day and pretend i lost. It made me feel good.

Author:  facko [ March 12 2007, 12:16 PM ]
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good man good man...i wish ppl woulda let me win my first time at the track lol. i guess our mentallity is a lil different over here....we just on the chance to humilate someone rather than boost their self esteem :P

Author:  hgallegos915 [ March 19 2007, 2:38 AM ]
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Ok heres this sunday's summary

snip from myspace bulletin=

I had fun, I lost to a v8 mustang gt.. i messed up the launch hehe oh well. Here is the list of the cars iwas able to take.

Nissan sentra se-r silver
Mitz eclipse turbo (not a talon and not the awd)
Cobalt SS orange supercharged
White with black graphics b16 swapped hatch
Gold hatch with the zc? engine?
My friend adrians crx(gave him 3 cars)
06 mustang v6 automatic(not the v8)
Nissan 240sx
Red b16 swapped crx (he missed second gear so i braked but won anyway.. go figure?)
Nissan maxima (?? year? ) its the gen befoire this new one that came out

Completely gutted the car this time and no passenger.(feels nice to lose around 140lbs from ex gf) lol omg that was bad.. anyway i had fun.

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