K8/KL distributor
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Author:  xmaster19 [ October 06 2016, 12:49 PM ]
Post subject:  K8/KL distributor

Ok first, my setup :

03 Protege5 with Jdm KLDE swap. Modified 96 mx3 harness. KLK1 ecu.

The swap is almost completed but I have no spark.

I do have injector pulse though, so I guess my ECU is fine. I do have Vref also.

I checked my distributor harness for powers and grounds, all fine.

My ecu requires a 96+ 5 pin ICM (actually 6 pins but one serves no purpose as it lacks the 2nd hall effect sensor)

My question :

Knowing that pinout if different on both, is there any reason I couldn't use a 94 mx3 distributor?

Or worded differently, would a 1994 mx3 distributor work on a 95+ 626/millenia, if I repinned the connectors?

If so, why? Are trigger inputs the same from the ecu?

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