Starting Issues
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Author:  Dragon1212 [ May 18 2016, 6:05 PM ]
Post subject:  Starting Issues

Hey Guys,

I changed the motor In the blue car about a year ago. And still cannot drive the thing, because the car is like gambling at a casino. Except when you loose it leaves you stranded in what ever parking lot you shut it off.

I have done the

-HEI mod with external coil,
-I have a KL-DE, With its intake,
-I have the throttle body off that motor, a JE50 Vaf off of the K8 that was in it.
-Stock K8 Exhaust,
-Brand New Battery,
-New timing belt,
-Serpentine Belt
-and we have rerun all the vacuum lines.
I am running all this off a 94' GS Mx-3 harness, and KL-31 ecu.

High Idle Flat out will not work, I have swapped the sensor on the throttle body, to a verified working one, (pulled it off the running motor) still nothing. We suspected low fuel pressure so we swapped it with the one out of the car i was scrapping (old KL-ZE black car)- No change. (The One I changed tested fine in the other car)

When you go to start the car sometimes it will fire instantly, sometimes it will turn over for two minutes. And other times it will just flood itself and then it refuses to start for then next 2 hours. If it does start, it will start to die if you don't hold the Rpm up. if you give it about 30 seconds to run you can let the rpm fall and it will stay running, (idle hunting sometimes,) other times it will hold 1200Rpm (where it was set being as if you set it any lower it will just stall) Yet if you watch the car sometimes will run at ~800 rpm with out issue. Then it will just idle hunt. sometimes severely enough it stalls the car. If the rpm Drops from much above 3000 rpm it will most likely stall.

Once the car gets up to running temp it seems to behave fine, aside from Idle hunting. And will Usually start in the First or second turn-over. (Sometimes it Wont start, but I think this has happen'd once) There's lots of power when you are driving, It doesn't backfire, spit or pop while driving).

Oh and my Rad fan doesn't work, Yet the AC fan does come on when the car gets hot like normal.

Any Idea's?

Author:  MX_Sid [ May 24 2016, 1:35 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Starting Issues

Have you checked your codes? Sounds like it's running in "limp" mode. Also, double check the wiring on your HEI.

When it doesn't start, what does it do? Are the spark plugs firing?

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