Constant fan on with KL31 ECU fixed (94-95)
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Author:  Daninski [ August 05 2014, 5:15 PM ]
Post subject:  Constant fan on with KL31 ECU fixed (94-95)

I found this on Mazda posted by a member called 'sizzzla'.

Hi guyz/gurlz, I have finally figured out the fix for the "constant fan" problem we've been having with the KL31 ecu. As you know the KL31 ecu came with the mtx ZE and the KL36 ecu with the atx. My ZE has two temp. sensors, but my usdm harness only has one plug. Well, luckily my ZE came with the section of the harness that has both plugs for the sensors, and for some time I tried figuring out where on the KL31 ecu I needed to hook up this second sensor to get things working right. Well, I came across a post which gave the location and function of every pin on the 94 usdm ecu, and with the use of the Haynes manual I found out the 93 KL03 also came with two temp. sensors much like the ZE. So, I decided to hook up the second temp. sensor on the ZE like that of the 93 KL03. Now to do this I had to add a pin connector to the middle plug of the ecu. ( I hope I havn't lost you all) You see, the ecu has three plugs, the center plug is the one in concern. If you take a good look at it you will notice there is an empty spot on the top row. It's the fith spot from the left. Well, I got a pin conector from an old harness, inserted it into the spot, ran a separate wire from it and connected it to the pink/blue wire of the second temp. sensor. The black/blue wire of the sensor is a ground, so I spliced it with the black/blue wire of the first sensor that was already in use, then reseted the ecu and "voila" no more "constant fans"
I am pretty sure someone knew that and has done it, but I searched high and low in here for a year and found no write up on it..maybe I searched wrong... Well guys, I couldn't be more ecstatic and decided to share the news with you all. BTW, if your ZE didn't come with the plug for the second sensor, get it off a 93 KL03.

Kinda late in the game but it may help someone here.

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