KL Engine Internal Upgrading (Please Sticky so I can edit)
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Author:  LooseChangeRacing [ October 02 2006, 12:46 AM ]
Post subject:  KL Engine Internal Upgrading (Please Sticky so I can edit)

This will be an updateable list of the upgradable parts for the KL engines. This list is just started from the importperf website and I would LOVE help from all of you to make this as complete as possible!

Please make this a sticky as it will be updated alot and I don't think I can do that when it's in the faq section? If I can, thats fine, but I do want people to be able to post to it so they can tell of new findings.


Toga HP
Main Bearings - $59
Rear Bearings - $55
Main and Rear Set - $109
Can't find any info

Topline OEM
Main Bearings - $35
Rear Bearings - $29

Topline OEM
Camshaft - $199
No Price Listed

(Prices of Clutches vary depending on what you want, heres the companies that I have found that sell clutches for the G series.
Clutch Masters
Unorthodox Racing

Connecting Rods
Pauter Rod Set - $999
Topline OEM
Topline OEM Rods - $39 each
Pro Topline Millenia S Rods - $55 each

Crank Pulleys
Unorthodox Racing
Ultra Series Crank Pulley - $192

Topline OEM
Topline OEM Crankshaft Kit - $289

Engine Mount Member Bushings
SRD Performance
2 Front and 2 Rear - $57

Exhaust Gasket
Toga Performance
$59 Each

Lightweight Flywheel - $359
Unorthodox Racing

Head Bolts
Adjusa Head Bolts

Head Gaskets
Adjusa MLS Head Gasket
$49 each
PermaTorque MLS - $99 each

Black Paint - $209 ArmorCoat - $349

Topline OEM
30mm - $15 each
33mm - $19 each

Piston Rings
Ross Racing
$22 each

Topline OEM
$191 (with rings)
$629 (no coating or rings, can be bought to fit Millenia Rods)

Ferrea Titanium
$13.50 Each

Throttle Bodies
Corksport RCE
$255 + $125 core

Thrust Washers
Topline OEM

Topline OEM
Intake/Exhaust - $9
Intake - $21.99 Exhaust - $22.99

Valve Seals
$79 set

Valve Springs
$19.50 Each


HP Performace Kit
Complete Gasket Set
Hussey Copper Gasket
Ross/Wiseco Forged Pistons (either 9.1-1 or 10.1-1)
Ross Performance Rings
Performance Wrist Pins
Toga HP Main Bearings
Toga HP Rod Bearings
Thrust Washers
Timing Belt
Expansion Plugs

Standard Kit - $1159
With HP Millenia Rods - $1489
Available with Pauter Rods - N/A

Kit with Toga HV Oil Pump - $1319
With HP Millenia Rods - $1649
Available with Pauter Rods - N/A

Full Gasket Sets
- Head Gasket
- Viton Valve Stem Seals
- Valve Cover Gasket
- Int. & Exh. Gaskets
- ALL other required sealing gaskets, strips & plugs.
- Oil pan gasket (where applicable timing gasket, rear main seal)


Toga HP
MLS Head Gasket (for gas & turbo to 30 psi)
TOGA Performance Valve Seals (Teflon)
TOGA Crank Seals


Connecting Rod and Piston Combo
Wiseco Pistons with Pro Topline Millenia S Rods - $929
Wiseco Pistons with Pauter Billet Rods - $1589[/b]

Head Packages
* Ported and Polished Cylinder Head
* High Compression Radius Cylinder
* Racing Valve Grind
* Ported Intake Manifold
* Ported Throttle Body
* Camshaft(s)
* ECU (ECU's may NOT be available in all head packages. Call for details)

Spacer Kit
Outlaw Engineering
Includes intake manifold spacers, throttle body spacer, gaskets, coolant bypass fitting, installation kit, detailed instructions and OUTLAW ENGINEERING decals!

Author:  babyblueMX3 [ October 06 2006, 7:10 PM ]
Post subject: 

you can add to the list:

bearings : clevite

clutches : clutchmaster, bully, exedy

rods : millenia S rods IF combined with the proper wiseco pistons

headers: obx, brospeed ??, hotshot,

Author:  Tunes67 [ October 06 2006, 7:37 PM ]
Post subject: 

Here is ONE vendor from e-bay showing mazda engine gasket kits.. a heck of a lot cheaper than the one listed above.

They show the KLDE set for the Probe or MX-6.. but its compatible with the KLZE, K8, K8ZE, and KFZE. (Not 100% certain on the KFZE though)

Click Here

Now this is e-bay and what is there today may be gone tomorrow.. but this looks like a well established vendor doing LOTS of autopart business via E-bay. So they should have something most of the time I would think.



Author:  m7x3r [ October 08 2006, 2:26 PM ]
Post subject:  Origin of these Parts

Hey guys... first this is a great shopping list especially for some of us that are considering the swap so that they can do it all in one shot....

But what i wasn't sure about one thing when i went to some of those links especially most of them are from

For most of the internal engine parts like camshafts, crankpullys, crankshafts, rods, pistons and valves for example... are mostly from the KLZE engine...

So are they after market..!? now some of the parts there are... but those specifically seem to be stripped out of the JDM KLZE engine may be brand new from suppliers overseas or barely used whatever the case may be... at the end if someone were to get a swap for the KLZE .... then those internals should already be in there....right ?!

Now things like shafts, flywheels all that i understand that are aftermarket.. which is great and worth getting from what i have seen on the forums...

Another thing I am not sure if anyone was able to get a lead on any fuel management system.... for example, feul rail, feul injectors, ... I did see somewhere i think corksport has feul pressure regulator... but other than that for feul management system, or a rev delimitter would be nice ..... anyone...! :)

One last thing on the side LooseChangeRacing u said to make it sticky donno if i missed that option or didn't see it but if u want to take this out later on just let me know in case u are not able to

Author:  LooseChangeRacing [ October 08 2006, 2:37 PM ]
Post subject: 

No it's ok, I made this sticky so that these sort of questions can be asked...and I am working to keep it as up to date as possible...anyway while i have 2 minutes on the comp heres your anwser.

The TOPLINE OEM stuff is OEM replacements but brand new...

Everything else should be aftermarket (stronger, better quality, forged, ect..)

Each page should have a bit of information as to what makes it stronger....

Remember though, always do the extra research on anything you seriously want to buy, this is so people can get a list of things and start estimating their budget.

Author:  mx3autozam [ November 19 2006, 3:57 PM ]
Post subject: 

Heres a thread from Probetalk that discusses all this in detail

and so you know stay away from the Toga HV oil pumps

Author:  Spinkx79 [ February 15 2007, 6:56 PM ]
Post subject: 

In your Camshaft section you can add Colt Cams as they offer a few different grinds for the 2.5l.

Author:  illapino [ February 26 2007, 5:42 AM ]
Post subject: 

aren't there Carillo connecting rods for the KLZE?
and more Ferrea parts?

Author:  mx_klze_gsr [ March 20 2007, 11:45 PM ]
Post subject: 

what are u using for injectors on the klze?

Author:  MazdaNoob123 [ April 12 2007, 3:28 AM ]
Post subject: 

k, stupid question, but are you sure that the head gasket for a 2.5L KLZE work with the smaller K8?

Author:  MazdaManiacMx3 [ November 29 2007, 1:03 AM ]
Post subject: 

Is this guy even still around ?

Author:  93MX3KLZE-T [ February 08 2008, 4:13 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: KL Engine Internal Upgrading (Please Sticky so I can edit)

You can get cams from either interprep tunning or they also have a few different profiles to choose from on the colt cam site.

Author:  marcdh [ May 12 2008, 10:17 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: KL Engine Internal Upgrading (Please Sticky so I can edit)

throttle bodies
Image mongspeed 68mm £65 (afterexchange) mongspeed 64mm £65 (afterexchange)

Author:  XxantwawnxX [ May 17 2008, 12:03 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: KL Engine Internal Upgrading (Please Sticky so I can edit)

so the exhaust and intake retainers are diff sizes on the ze..yea on teh ferrea site the retainers seem to only have one size? whats the deal with that?

Author:  marcdh [ May 19 2008, 10:58 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: KL Engine Internal Upgrading (Please Sticky so I can edit)

I'd assume with ferrea (like interprep) the idea is you replace all 24 exhaust and intake springs, then use 24 of their same size retainers and springs. I went with interprep, using the 12 stock exhaust retainers, 12 new kl03 intake retainers and 24 interprep valve springs. So you actually end up with 12 smaller (but stronger) intake valve spring/retainer combos.

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