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 KLZE is here.. but ehh i dunno 
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bump OK so the exhaust manifold has NO EGR hole.. its flat.. EGR is blocked..

seems like one from eunos 800

can anyone confirm?

so far people its so..

as per specs thats the 200 hp one.. or 195 anywho right engine?

DEYAN from prbetalk helped me out, it is a eunos 800 klze . No egr. Ill doublecheck flat top pistons tomorrow but it seems like a go... weird disty tho...

thansk for all who contributed


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September 07 2006, 12:53 AM
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if ur ze has water its nothing bad.. sometimes the boats from japan water get into the contanors but still good just 2 be in the safe side just get new spark plugs (NGK), new spark plugs cables(NGK), new head gaskets new disty, and change the oil... ur ze would start up fine with out any problems...

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September 08 2006, 1:36 AM
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hgallegos915 wrote:
disty kf38? wth is that.. maybe they pulled it and sold the klze disty?

was using search and all posts indicate it is a true klze. No egr kl31 codes, curvefd neck mani w/ square runner. kl-01 cams . One coolant sensor... HUGE disty with 6 plugs and not 7..

oddly has THIS distributor.. ... dZViewItem

also everyone swears kl31 odes are for 2000 millenia.. and some dont..

Yes ive seen this style of Dizzy on Jspec engines however not on
Enuos 800's though, im not sure if it will work with a kl31/36 ECU?

Sorry I can't throw more light on it, as the wreakers remove the rego
stickers so you can't tell what year the car is,

I have a enous 800 dizzy here, totally differnt plug setup.

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September 08 2006, 5:03 AM
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That disty is for MAF system for KFZE engines also found in 323f BA V6.

Here it is on my KLZE


And for topic starter don’t worry I also found black plugs and yes engine should fire right up but there will be some strange noises in the beginning depends how long it was standing still. If you are curious you can just turn the engine and listen for noises. The only thing you should hear is the air beeing pushed by cylinders.

September 09 2006, 10:19 AM
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hey hgallegos915 and Vanished:
what companies did you buy your engines from?

September 12 2006, 6:50 AM
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